My entry for the Opera GX gamejam. I've no idea how the jam voting system works over on gamejolt, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you were to 

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GenreSports, Shooter, Simulation
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Golf, minigames, Multiplayer, Point & Click, ufo


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Haha, good one. Still training my aim on these damn alien invasion trying to download for free through hacking the 5G tower.

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Reminds me of the silly games I played with friends as a kid. nostalgic. love the art style

Thanks for playing! I'm glad to hear that you found it nostalgic. Did you have any suggestions?

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Great game :>

The graphics are really good, both in execution and especially in the monochrome style. If i want to be nitpicky then the background could have used a bit more motion to seem more alive.

The gameplay is where the game shines though. By combination the sfx (mostly the UFO hit sound) and the graphical effects, like the ball smearing, every hit is satisfying and has great punch to it. I never felt like i had good control when curving the ball, which paradoxicly made it feel smoother.

The music, while in principle good and relaxing, is in my opinion bogged down by having too much room, too much reverb, which makes it really unfocused and distracting from the other better qualities.


Hey, thanks so much for playing! I'm so glad to hear you found it satisfying to play. 

What sort of motion did you have in mind for the background? Like birds and clouds? 

As for the music, it was a bit of a struggle on where to even start, I couldn't really think of what genre would best be fitting. I agree that something else could be better. Do you have any examples of styles of music that you think would be more appropriate?

Thank you so much for the feedback, it really helps me. Is there anything else? 


Thanks for answering!

I thought about birds and clouds, and maybe a little rustling of trees /grass to add motion to the background (but not too much, so it becomes distracting), but don't know how hard it would be.

The style or genre of the music isn't the problem, i actually think the song is quite fitting. My problem comes down to the instrumentation/effects: The Piano (?) sounds too mufffled/damped and notes, due to the strong reverb, stay around ringing too long, so every note is pretty undefined. This causes everything to blend together and ends in a sadly unfocused sounding track.

I hope i explained it good enough and is helpful!


Ah I see, so just a little rustling of some foreground art to bring it to life! 

I completely understand what you mean about the reverb, it was a design choice to make it so muffled in an attempt to make it seem nostalgic. Perhaps it is not having the desired effect!

Thank you for explaining, it is very helpful!